Win A Brand New Rolex Submariner ‘Bluesy’ OR £13,000 CASH!

Cash Alternative: £13,000


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Features Details
Current Value £16,750
Cash Alternative £13,000
Reference Number 126613LB
Case Material Oystersteel and Yellow Gold
Case Size 41mm
Movement Perpetual, Mechanical, Self-Winding

The Rolex Submariner ‘Bluesy’, with its reference number 126613LB, is a captivating embodiment of Rolex’s mastery over the art of watchmaking, blending unmatched functionality with an aesthetic appeal. With a current value of £16,750 and a cash alternative of £13,000, this variant of the iconic Submariner collection stands out with its luxurious composition and distinctive design, making it a sought-after piece among collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Crafted from a combination of Oystersteel and yellow gold, the case of the Submariner ‘Bluesy’ measures 41mm, a size that asserts a bold presence on the wrist while maintaining the classic proportions that have made the Submariner universally admired. The integration of yellow gold accents elevates the watch from a mere instrument to a symbol of sophistication and high status, reflecting the wearer’s appreciation for the finer things in life.

At its core, the Submariner ‘Bluesy’ features Rolex’s renowned perpetual, mechanical, self-winding movement. This movement is celebrated for its precision and reliability, embodying the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation in watchmaking. The self-winding mechanism ensures that the watch keeps accurate time, powered by the natural movements of the wearer’s wrist, making it a perfect companion for both daily wear and adventurous pursuits.

The ‘Bluesy’ nickname derives from its stunning blue dial and matching blue Cerachrom bezel, a color choice that evokes the depths of the ocean and the adventurous spirit of the Submariner line. The contrast between the cool blue tones and the warmth of the yellow gold creates a visually striking effect, ensuring that the watch stands out in any setting. The Cerachrom bezel is not only beautiful but also functional, offering exceptional resistance to scratches and fading, a testament to Rolex’s dedication to durability and longevity.

The Rolex Submariner ‘Bluesy’ is more than just a timepiece; it’s a statement of achievement and an ode to the adventurous soul. It inherits the Submariner’s legacy as a diver’s watch, designed to perform under the extreme conditions of underwater exploration, while its luxurious materials and striking color scheme make it equally at home in more formal occasions.

In summary, the Rolex Submariner ‘Bluesy’ reference 126613LB is a masterpiece of luxury and functionality. With its blend of Oystersteel and yellow gold, precise self-winding movement, and the allure of its blue dial and bezel, it represents the pinnacle of Rolex craftsmanship. For those who seek a watch that combines the robustness of a professional diver’s watch with the elegance of fine jewelry, the Submariner ‘Bluesy’ is an unparalleled choice, offering both aesthetic beauty and mechanical perfection.

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