Win A Brand New Porsche 911 Carrera

Cash Alternative: £80,000


This competition has now ended.

Features Details
Letter Assigned aj
Retail Price £97,000
Cash Alternative £80,000
0-62mph 4.2s
Top Speed 182 mph
BHP 350 bhp
Engine Size 3.0L
Torque 450 Nm
CO2 245 g/km
Drivetrain AWD

More Details

The 911 Carrera is a commitment to purism. A conscious release for increased driving pleasure.

The shape of the 911 Carrera is unmistakable because of its iconic flyline and elegant roof lines. These have characterised Porsche since 1963, as have sports cars with astonishing performance.

The Coupé of the 911 embodies Porsche DNA in its purest form: the long, flat bonnet, the steeply inclined windscreen. And the roof line that slopes gently down towards the rear, already characterised the original 911.

Although some have said the rear light bar that extends across the 992’s rear end is, well, ugly, it’s a very pretty car to my eyes. Yes, the veined engine cover feels very cheap, and the 992 has grown in every way compared to the previous 991 911 (it’s 2cm longer, 4.4cm wider, half a centimetre taller and 55kg heavier), but it’s still a 911 and it still looks good.

Porsche is very good at nailing the details. Take the driving position, for example, which is spot on – there’s plenty of adjustability in the seat and the wheel, not forgetting plenty of space to get comfortable. The instrument cluster, too, is lovely, with a nice analogue tachometer front and centre and a small display for the speed and gear incorporated within, and two digital displays on either side of that, with one large and one smaller ‘dial’ apiece. Every button or switch has a nice weight to it, too. Essentially, what could have been simplified without being done so for the sake of it has been pared back.

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