Win A Brand New Mercedes-Benz V-Class Premium

Cash Alternative: £65,000


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Features Details
Letter Assigned o
Retail Price £79,380
Cash Alternative £65,000
Top Speed 121 mph
BHP 197
Engine Size 2.0L
Drivetrain RWD

More Details

MBUX multimedia system with 12.3-inch touchscreen
With MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience), you get an intelligent and expandable multimedia system. Its various interfaces, the high-resolution touchscreen and instrument display offer numerous communication and infotainment functions.

Wireless charging system for mobile devices at the front
With the wireless charging system for mobile devices, you can conveniently charge your inductively chargeable smartphone in the centre console stowage compartment while driving: without cables, plugs or holders – regardless of model and brand. While you drive, your smartphone can revive.

Adaptive brake lights
In the event of hard braking, the Adaptive Brake Light can warn following traffic and thus help prevent rear-end collisions. It is activated when ESP® detects an emergency braking manoeuvre – depending on braking pressure and speed.

Thorax/pelvis sidebags for driver and front passenger
In the event of a side impact, the sidebags in the outer side of the seat backrest can protect the chest and pelvic area by deploying in the space between the door and driver or front passenger. They complement the front airbags to provide a high degree of protection and thus reduce both the risk and severity of injuries.

Comfort suspension
The comfort suspension provides outstanding ride comfort in virtually every driving situation, fulfilling the highest expectations. It impresses with its low road roar and tyre vibration characteristics and absorbs jolts from road surface bumps and undulations with effortless ease.

Active Lane Keeping Assist
Active Lane Keeping Assist monitors the area in front of your vehicle and can prevent you from unintentionally leaving your lane. The system can guide you back into your lane by means of lane-correcting steering intervention and additionally warn you by giving you noticeable feedback on the steering wheel.

Active Brake Assist
Active Brake Assist can help you to avoid accidents with other road users in various situations or to mitigate the consequences of accidents. This includes, among others things, road users who are driving ahead of you, stationary, crossing or turning, as well as oncoming traffic during overtaking manoeuvres.

Blind Spot Assist with Rear Cross Traffic Alert
Blind Spot Assist with Rear Cross Traffic Alert can emit visual and audible warnings to help avoid accidents when changing lane and reversing. If Blind Spot Assist detects a vehicle in the blind spot, it displays a warning with a red triangle in the corresponding exterior mirror.

The ATTENTION ASSIST system can help to avoid momentary microsleep and therefore provides you with increased safety, in particular when driving at night and on long journeys. The system provides you with a visual and audible warning if it identifies typical signs of fatigue or attention lapse, and suggests taking a break.

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