Win A Brand New Jaguar F-Pace SVR

Cash Alternative: £70,000


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Features Details
Letter Assigned v
Retail Price £87,090
Cash Alternative £70,000
0-62mph 3.8s
Top Speed 178 mph
BHP 575
Engine Size 5.0L
Drivetrain AWD

More Details

The Jaguar F-Pace SVR – the range-topping version of the Jaguar F-Pace – is not your typical SUV. It’s been honed by Jaguar’s ‘special vehicles department’, injecting a huge dollop of excitement into the brand’s biggest car model.

The SVR badge is the first giveaway sign that it’s no ordinary F-Pace. It denotes Jaguar and Land Rover models that have been heavily fettled for maximum performance (as AMG does for Mercedes).

The treatment doesn’t happen very often: this is only the second SVR-honed sports SUV after the previous-generation Range Rover Sport. Like the Sport, the F-Pace SVR has a mighty 5.0-litre supercharged V8 petrol engine, delivering all the pace (and noise) you could wish for.

To mark it out from lesser versions, the SVR has more aggressive-looking front and rear bumpers with larger air intakes, plus extra vents on the bonnet and wings. Jaguar says they help the engine breathe properly, as well as cooling the huge brakes that stop this two-tonne SUV.

Ride comfort in town isn’t as supple as in the regular Jaguar F-Pace especially with the 22in alloy wheels, but it’s no bone-shaker. It’s very well controlled on the standard-fit adaptive suspension and doesn’t amplify lumps and bumps from the road surface much. All things considered, it’s more forgiving than the X3 M, especially as you build up speed on faster roads.

The SVR is good fun through corners, too. The steering response isn’t quite as sharp as the one in the Stelvio QV, but it feels more precise and deliciously weighted, allowing you to feel more engaged. There’s a little more body lean through tight twists and turns than the slightly smaller Stelvio or the Porsche Macan GTS, but it remains balanced, throwing in a degree of rear-wheel-drive-biased fun if you want to push on and be a little lairy.

Wind noise is minimal on a motorway, the engine and exhaust fade into the background, and the suspension thumps less over bumps than cheaper versions of the F-Pace on non-adaptive suspension. There is some road noise, but that’s also true with rival sports SUVs including the Stelvio QV and the Macan. The SVR’s consistent brake-pedal response makes it easier to stop smoothly than the Stelvio and the Grecale.

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