Win A Brand New BMW XM

Cash Alternative: £85,000


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Features Details
Letter Assigned ae
Retail Price £109,825
Cash Alternative £85,000
0-62mph 3.8s
Top Speed 155.3 mph
BHP 748
Engine Size 4.4L
Drivetrain AWD

More Details

This is a high-performance SUV with bold, distinctive styling. The front end is dominated by a relatively small grille for a modern BMW, but it stands out thanks to an LED-lit rim—making an XM unmistakable in your rearview mirror at night. The new split-level headlight design is featured, along with intricate surfacing along the sides.

The roofline tapers down the long body, which is 10cm longer than a Range Rover, and the rear rises up, creating a unique look. The contoured rear bumper houses two double exhausts stacked vertically, and the matte gold trim adds a stylish touch to the exterior.

The XM is powered by a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, now paired with a 25kWh battery and electric motor, producing a combined 644bhp and 800Nm of torque. As a hybrid with an EV-only range of over 50 miles, the XM achieves a combined 188mpg and emits minimal CO2.

The M division has incorporated every bit of their tech and expertise into the new XM. Despite weighing 2.7 tonnes, it’s expected to defy the laws of physics and be an absolute thrill to drive.

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