Win A Brand New BMW X3M Competition!

Cash Alternative: £75,000


This competition has now ended.

This is a competition to win a Brand New Car! The winner will be able to configure their car before ordering or take the cash alternative.

This competition will be assigned the letter “ai” in the final draw. Any tickets purchased for this competition will be prefixed with the letter “ai” during the live draw to identify the competition. For example if your ticket number is 5034, this will appear as “ai5034” during the live draw. Each Brand New Car Competition will be assigned a unique alphabetical letter.

Here, you have the chance to win one of 36 brand new cars, with the odds dynamically reflecting the number of tickets sold. Please note, while you can choose from a wider variety of cars, there will be only one winner drawn from all entries across these Brand New Car Competitions.

Features Details
Retail Price £93,660
Cash Alternative £75,000
0-62mph 3.8s
Top Speed 155 mph
BHP 510
Engine Size 3.0L
Torque 650 Nm
CO2 250 g/km
Drivetrain AWD

The BMW X3M Competition represents the zenith of performance and luxury in the compact SUV segment. Priced at £93,660 with a cash alternative of £75,000, this vehicle is crafted for those who demand the ultimate in power and sophistication.

Powered by a formidable 3.0L engine, the X3M Competition boasts an awe-inspiring 510 BHP, which propels it from 0 to 62 mph in a mere 3.8 seconds. This blistering performance is complemented by its electronically limited top speed of 155 mph. The heart of this machine not only speaks to the power but also to the precision engineering that BMW is renowned for.

The All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system ensures superior handling and stability, making it adept at navigating a variety of driving environments with ease. This dynamism is further enhanced by an astounding torque of 650 Nm, ensuring that the X3M Competition responds with vigor and agility to every command.

Despite its high performance, the BMW X3M Competition maintains CO2 emissions at 250 g/km, a testament to BMW’s commitment to balancing power with environmental consideration.

The exterior of the X3M Competition exudes a commanding presence, characterized by aggressive styling and aerodynamic lines. The interior matches this grandeur, offering a luxurious and technologically advanced space, furnished with high-quality materials and state-of-the-art amenities.

In summary, the BMW X3M Competition is more than just an SUV; it is a symphony of high performance, luxury, and advanced technology. Perfect for those who seek the thrill of a sports car with the practicality and comfort of an SUV, it stands as a benchmark in its class.

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