Win A Brand New BMW M2 Coupe

Cash Alternative: £50,000


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Features Details
Letter Assigned t
Retail Price £65,830
Cash Alternative £50,000
0-62mph 4.1s
Top Speed 155 mph
BHP 460
Engine Size 3.0L
Torque 550 Nm
CO2 220 g/km
Drivetrain RWD

More Details

The BMW M2 excites and delights with the skillset of a classical high-performance sports car – reproduced in highly concentrated form, more intensive than ever and cutting-edge technology. With its compact dimensions, an inline-6-cylinder engine, a manual gearbox, rear-wheel drive and an advanced operating concept, the M automobile encapsulates the pure joy of driving. At the heart of the BMW M2 are fleet-footed agility on demand and handling that remains easily controllable even as the driver explores the coupé’s limits.

The M TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder petrol engine features dynamic power delivery and the characteristic throaty M engine sound. Highly efficient technologies such as double VANOS, Valvetronic, high precision injection and a TwinScroll turbocharger provide excellent output. Between 2,650 and 5,870 rpm, the engine provides its maximum torque of 550 Nm and reaches its maximum output of 338 kW (460 hp) at a speed of 6,250 rpm. The 3.0-litre power unit differs only in a few details from that of the BMW M3 and M4 series.

With the adaptive M suspension with variable shock absorber adjustment, the characteristics of the suspension can be individually adjusted – from comfortable to particularly sporty with pronounced agile handling. With Driving Experience Control, you can adapt the electronically controlled chassis quickly and easily to the road conditions and driving situation.

The 8-speed M Steptronic Sport transmission with Drivelogic combines sportiness and comfort. The particularly fine increments between gears and the optional extremely rapid shifts facilitate optimum responsiveness. Its high level of driving comfort and fuel-efficient design are ideal for everyday driving. Particularly at high speeds, the eighth gear reduces engine speed, in turn decreasing both fuel consumption and engine noise. Sporty manual shifting is possible in S mode by using the M gear selector switch or the shift paddles on the steering wheel. In manual S mode, M Steptronic Sport transmission does not automatically shift up, so that the engine reaches max speeds when necessary. In this way, optimal use is made of the engine power, you can even shift at top speeds. It is also possible to shift down several gears. Via the Drivelogic function, the driver can select one of three shifting modes at the touch of a button: from efficient and comfortable, to sporty, to racetrack characteristics with extra-short shifting times and a highly sporty ride feeling.

Thanks to its special material mix, the M Compound brakes achieve excellent deceleration values and very high stability – while reducing weight at the same time. The brake calipers in Red high-gloss with M logo give this high-performance brake system a distinctly sporty appearance.

The Active M Differential variably distributes the drive torque between the two rear wheels to optimise traction and driving stability during dynamic lane changing or accelerating out of curves, when making curves at high speeds or on roads with uneven surfaces, including on snow, gravel and ice. It even provides precise handling during high lateral acceleration. The constant, smooth adjustment of the differential lock leads to a more dynamic driving experience with improved vehicle control. Traction is optimised with the help of an electronically operated device that reduces the difference in revolution speed between the rear wheels. The system, which was developed for motor sports, is optimally connected to all the lateral dynamics control functions of the vehicle via an electronic control unit. It proactively provides the perfect use of locking action, neutralising even the finest differences in torque between the rear wheels – without the tendency to under-steer. Depending on the M driving dynamics settings, the spectrum ranges from traction-oriented to maximal driving dynamics and sporty characteristics. The Active M Differential provides optimal grip as well as great directional stability and perfect handling, and it converts virtually all of the engine’s drive power into acceleration.

The integrated braking system slows the car down with great precision. This system brings together the brake activation, brake booster and braking control functions within a compact module. The required brake pressure is triggered exceptionally quickly and precisely using an electric actuator. Here, the integrated braking system is fitted in an M-specific version that presents the driver with two pedal feel settings, allowing them to choose between more comfort-oriented or very direct execution of brake pedal inputs in the M Setup menu.

Whether track day or spontaneous drift session – M Drive Professional allows drivers of the new BMW M2 to set individual intervention thresholds for wheel slip limitation. The system is the perfect companion for trips with that extra portion of adrenaline. The M Drift Analyser help you to hunt for best times and the perfect drift angle, while the M TRACK mode and the ten-step M Traction Control allow for tailor-made drivability.

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