Win A Brand New Abarth 75th Anniversario 695

Cash Alternative: £25,000


This competition has now ended.

Features Details
Letter Assigned c
Retail Price £32,650
Cash Alternative £25,000
0-62mph 6.7s
Top Speed 153 mph
BHP 180
Engine Size 1.4L
Drivetrain FWD

More Details

Discover the new Abarth 695 75th Anniversario, the limited edition that embodies the spirit of the Scorpion in its purest form with an all-new look enriched by the Abarth Lateral Sticker and the Gold Scorpion Sticker on the roof. Combining the tradition of the past and the potential of innovation and breathing new life into our history, this model is ready to celebrate our passion at every turn, every straight, every day.


Meet the Record Monza exhaust system, the heart and soul of the Abarth’s distinctive sound. Creating an auditory masterpiece that embodies your pure racing DNA, every acceleration and gear shift is matched by an exciting, sporty sound.


When it comes to stopping power, The Abarth doesn’t mess around. Whether you’re tearing up the track or conquering city streets, the Brembo Floating Brake Disks give you the confidence to push your limits, knowing you can stop on a dime with the ultimate control and precision.


Every turn, every bump, every hairpin bend: your new hatchback can conquer them all with Koni suspensions, a masterclass in handling designed to keep you glued to the road and ensure the highest grip and unparalleled stability. Dominate the asphalt and enjoy a ride that is as smooth as exhilarating.

Performance, challenges, adrenaline, heritage: is it possible to condense 75 years of history into one sign? Absolutely yes. The exclusive Piston Head sticker is crafted precisely to embody all the passion and racing DNA that has belonged to us since 1949, traits to proudly exhibit on the skin of our new hatchback.


Get ready to unleash the beast under the hood! The new Abarth 695 roars to life with its 1.4L Turbo T-Jet 180 HP engine*, a symphony of horsepower and torque that delivers raw, unbridled performance. Buckle up and feel the thrill of the road we have been travelling since 1949.

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