Britannia 50g Gold Bullion Minted Bar #1

Cash Alternative: £2,000


This competition has now ended.

About the Prize

We are thrilled to introduce the prestigious 50g Gold Bullion Minted Bar, a symbol of wealth and investment. This exquisite bar, made from the finest 24-Carat gold, is a prized asset for collectors and investors alike. Minted with precision, it showcases not only a testament to wealth but also an embodiment of artistry in precious metal crafting. Each bar comes with a certified assay guarantee, ensuring its purity and weight. A perfect opportunity to own a piece of timeless value for only 99p 79p a ticket!

Prefer cash? Opt for an impressive £2,000 cash alternative!

Weight: 50g

Material: 24-Carat Gold

Purity: 999.9

Quality: Bullion

Bar Dimensions: 52.65 mm x 30.58 mm

Bar Thickness: 1.60mm

50g Gold Bullion Bar Features

Premium Quality: Composed of the highest quality 24-Carat gold.
High Purity: 999.9 fine gold, assuring its top-grade material.
Assay Certified: Each bar comes with a certification of authenticity and purity.
Secure Investment: Gold bullion bars are recognized for retaining value over time.
Artistic Craftsmanship: Expertly minted, showcasing exceptional skill and precision.
Tangible Asset: A physical representation of wealth and a hedge against inflation.
Collector’s Choice: Highly sought after by collectors for its purity and craftsmanship.
Portable Wealth: Easy to store and transport, offering flexibility in asset management.
Lasting Value: Gold is known for its enduring appeal and value preservation.

Competition End Date: 18th December 2023, with a live draw on our Facebook page.

Entry Price: Just 99p!
Limited Time Entry Price: Just 79p!

Maximum Entries: 500 entries per person.

Product Details: Learn more about this luxurious asset at the official Royal Mint site or check out our other competitions!